Château du Coudreceau

Now available for private exclusive hire and sitting quietly within the picturesque Loire Valley landscape, generations of discerning guests have retreated to Château du Coudreceau since it was first built in 1775 during the reign of Louis XVI, the last King of France.

The Château and its grounds were developed by Francois Seurrat du Colombier,
a wealthy
merchant from the City of Orléans to undertake bee keeping and silk worm cultivation.

The heritage remains firmly embedded within the estate with many of the trees still standing from their original plantation,
having seen many fortunes, generations and grand occasions.

In 2013, the Williams family undertook a full renovation of the Château with a world-class golf course meticulously crafted, intertwining through the vast woods. Where possible, the Château’s original historical features have been retained, blending classic French 18th century design with luxurious modern amenities, ensuring your stay is one of ultimate comfort, ease and serenity.

Along with the addition of the exclusive golf course, a nearby private executive airport and round the clock staff service,
Château du Coudreceau welcomes you to a luxury escape, steeped in a rich culture of French joie de vivre.